Donald E. Thornton

Founder, President and CEO

B.U.I.L.D. Management, LLC

Consulting • Design • Development • Management • Marketing • Media

Donald E. Thornton is Founder, President, CEO and Director of Marketing for B.U.I.L.D. Management, LLC which was founded in 2004. B.U.I.L.D., is a global land development referral network of some of the finest and most qualified Master Planners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Builders and Project Managers in the world.

The acronym "B.U.I.L.D." stands for "Businesses United In Land Development" and represents a consortium of proven world-class land development service providers that are capable of designing, developing and managing projects globally.

Mr. Thornton is also an internationally known graphic designer, marketing director, and business consultant who was a fine art major in college. Mr. Thornton is also a dedicated "World Peace Advocate" of whom was inspired by the famous "We are the World" project co-written and performed by "Michael Jackson". As a result, Don has artistically worked on behalf of multiple "World Peace Initiatives" for projects originating from all over the world.

Within weeks after the tragic June 25, 2009, passing of the beloved "Michael Jackson", aka "The King of Pop", Mr. Thornton was called upon and appointed to be the Senior Art Director and Marketing Director for the Jackson Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. Thornton was appointed his role by his long time friend of 20 years and Jackson Family Foundation President & Co-Founder, Mr. Simon Sahouri.

Currently, Mr. Sahouri has involved Mr. Thornton on several ventures over the years that have included the pre-development and pre-planning stages of land development projects originating from all over the world. These projects include multiple "International Travel & Tourism Themes".

As the President & Co-Founder of the Jackson Family Foundation, and with the authority to do so, Mr. Sahouri has authorized Mr. Thornton to negotiate, organize, and spearhead the delivery of the first ever "Jackson Family Museum & Historical Archive" which will include a "Jackson Legacy Performing Arts Center & Film Academy".

As a natural leader and creative visionary born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Mr. Thornton is committed to helping to co-create new enterprise, increased job creation and new economic developments in Ohio, the US and throughout the world. Mr. Thornton and his B.U.I.L.D. Management Team is currently formulating an accomplished team of highly skilled master planners, developers and builders to help Don deliver great business opportunity to whatever markets he is involved with.

Mr. Thornton's goals are to co-create, build-out and fully establish an international tourist destination in Northeast Ohio, near the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame", fit for a king. Mr. Thornton wants to make sure this happens in full recognition and in the historic royal preservation of the iconic music industry family brand of the greatest and most legendary family of entertainment in the history of the world, "The Mighty Jacksons".

Mr. Thornton is honored and feels truly blessed to be a part of helping to preserve the epic musical brand of the entire "Jackson Family".

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