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B.U.I.L.D. Management, LLC is a global land development and Realty services “Referral Network”. We advocate and promote “Realty and Land Development Joint Ventures, Partnerships & Joint Collaborations” with established land developers, planners, architects, engineers, builders and contractors. We are an Ohio-based company who’s goals are to help increase Global Job Creation, Global Business and Global Enterprise within the multi-trillion dollar Realty & Land Development Universe.

Our Corporate Motto is “United We Build”. This simply means that we support “Diversity & Inclusion” as simply the correct way to do real business in a real world marketplace. We are focused on increased minority participation in the land development and construction industry to help stabilize, grow and empower disenfranchised markets around the world. We understand that men, women and all people of color must be included in the growth and development equation of a healthy society.

A prime example of the benefits and advantages of minority inclusion is “Ms. Raynuha Sinnathamby”, Managing Director of the Springfield Land Corporation of Australia. See video clip; 

B.U.I.L.D. Management is focused on helping to impact the growth of local, national and international minority inclusion in the Realty & Land Development industries with innovative “New Jobs Creation Plans, New Job Training Programs & New Job Placement Initiatives”. We believe that “Diversity and Inclusion” are an absolute priority for any legitimate and responsible business entity that’s worth its salt. Any other new jobs creation policy that does not seek to include minorities and disenfranchised populations is old, antiquated and grotesquely flawed. 

B.U.I.L.D. Management seeks to impact the disadvantaged and underserved Communities in Akron, Ohio, across the United States and around the world. We truly understand that Global Communities, Kingdoms, Cities or Nations are only as strong as their weakest links. We also understand that it’s our corporate responsibility and civic duty to leverage as much time, money and resources towards the disenfranchised populations as possible. Especially if we expect to build, restore, educate and truly heal our communities around the world.

The US Federal Government prioritized “Minority Contractors Inclusion” decades ago. However, it is up to the Minority Contractors to participate. Minority Contractors must stay focused, stay knowledgeable and register with the US Federal Government’s Minority Certifications Program. See videos;

It’s the Minority Contractor’s responsibility to know the process.

We look forward to continuing our efforts throughout the Build Management Network to help hire and employ minority labor forces. We will continue to work towards encouraging the strong commitment and participation throughout the construction and land development industry to help fulfill this mission.

We are at critical mass in terms of mankind’s evolution as a citizen of the universe. There is simply no more time for head games, corporate placebo promises or flamboyant political lip service on the campaign trail to earn more votes. Then once in office, certain politicians suffer from amnesia regarding campaign promises. They then systematically exclude the participation of large portions of impoverished societies, simply because they can.

Building New Homes, New Cities, New Kingdoms and New Enterprize has always been and will always be the solution to mankind’s poverty, conflict, joblessness and homelessness issues. Promoting “Minority Inclusion” is not rocket science. It’s only fair. However, unlike the net benefits of rocket science, we can all agree to solve a multitude of problems right down here on earth just by simply prioritizing “Multicultural Inclusion” in the “Minority Economic & Land Development Equation”. What do you think?

If you are a traditional non-minority-owned construction company, land development firm or Community Development Corporation, (CDC) seeking to improve your diversity track record or increase your minority hiring results, please feel free to contact Build Management, LLC. We can positively improve your results and definitely help you reach your corporate diversity and minority hiring goals.



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